About This Domain Collection

In the burgeoning era of the Internet in 1996, when the digital landscape was just taking off, Dermot OBrien foresaw the potential to connect people of Irish and Celtic ancestry worldwide. With foresight and entrepreneurial spirit, OBrien began registering a plethora of domain names starting in 1997. These domain names laid the foundation for the creation of the well known Celtic.com website portal. This visionary endeavor aimed to bring together a global community with a shared interest in Irish and Celtic heritage.

As the Celtic.com website gained traction, it evolved into a hub for cultural enthusiasts, offering a unique service that went beyond a mere online platform. The highlight of this venture was the vanity email service in which over 100,000 individuals, spanning the globe, obtained personalized email addresses. These addresses were not just generic; they were intricately tied to the rich tapestry of Irish culture, utilizing a vast collection of geo domain names and cultural interest names. This Celtic email service became a symbol of identity for people of Irish descent, fostering a sense of community and pride in their heritage.

Sample Email Addresses

georgia@celtic.com, lette@macroom.com, eithne@herself.com jane@bainin.com, peg@blaskets.com, laura@brogue.com sorcha@siamsa.com, leo@irishamerica.com, aoife@leinster.com, ken@achillisland.com, tony@valentia.com, conor@celticwarrior.com, callmesir@brianboru.com, jill@irishwriter.com, john@killiney.com, tim@monkstown.com, mary@southie.com, brigid@siamsa.com, Fr@priests.com, stan@hooligans.com, peter@Leprechauns.com, moss@rrishrugby.com, himself@saintpatricks.com, mark@blanchardstown.com, finn@giantscauseway.com, rory@Ireland.co.uk, IrishAmerican.com, hamish@hame.com, george@irishsoccer.com, bill@glendalough.com, niamh@1798.com, jack@reyhounds.net, stephen@gorey.com, maeve@abhaile.com, brian@knackers.com

Award-Winning Distinction

By 2002, the Celtic.com platform had become a trailblazer in the realm of Irish-themed websites, garnering attention from major players in the online landscape. Yahoo, recognizing the cultural significance and impact of Celtic.com, selected it as one of the top three Irish interest websites in 2003. The accolade placed Celtic.com in esteemed company alongside contenders like Guinness PLC and the Irish Tourism Agency. Beyond email services, the platform also facilitated the creation of personalized vanity website URLs, allowing individuals to carve out their unique online presence using the carefully curated domain names from O’Brien’s extensive collection. The Celtic.com phenomenon had not only embraced the digital age but had become a cultural touchstone for those with a passion for all things Irish.

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